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  Since establishment in 1978, Keyroll Industrial Co., Ltd. has
accumulated 31 years of manufacturing experience.
Over the years, we have heavily invested in various Japanese-made precision machining
equipment. At Keyroll, we combine our extensive experience
with our expert manufacturing techniques.
With our outstanding production management and
standardized manufacturing process,
we are capable of offering the best possible service to each customer. Furthermore, we will
always strive hard to achieve our objectives: lowering production costs, timely delivery,
competitive price, and the best possible quality.
1978  Lung Hsin Company was established, focused mainly on parts and roller machining and
                rubber processing machines.

1989  The company was moved to Tai-Ping City, Taichung.
1990  The company name was changed as Keyroll Industrial Co., Ltd.
2007  To increase production capacity, the company was moved to its current location
                and also invested in various Japanese-made precision lathes.